I Am [Not] Alone


Just got these today, for me this is my biggest loot yet since I usually buy stuffs one at a time and yeah I’m poor. Got Rei from the hlj sale love her so much. ^_^


Back to school


It’s been a while since I posted anything mainly due to me being lazy. Anyways school started already, now I’m still undecisive if which field I should concentrate more on whether Web development, Graphics or Database.

HLJ Sale Part 2


HLJ strikes back with their part 2 of the Thank You Sale.

Mission Completed


Just finished this game today. Some of the missions are a bit boring and the others are really a pain, my plane keeps on getting shot down though I love it when they say “Griphus-1, oh no he’s been shot down”. Overall the game is definitely worth playing. Now I’m going to unlock the super aircraft fenrir.

Save the cup, save the world

Decided to have instant noodles for snacks and stumbled upon this. Awesome maze there to keep you busy while the noodles is cooking.

Random Photoshoot: Konjiki no Yami

Was supposed to post this yesterday but suddenly had a headache, must be because it’s so hot here.

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Random Post: Electric Post

Photos taken out of boredom. Turned out quite nice…at least for me.

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